Letting go

Mountain valley near Mancos Colorado

Fall has arrived and, for many reasons, is my most favorite season. A big reason is the temps in Texas lower more frequently to less than 90ยบ. But also, it brings me joy in through other symbols: kids returning to school and routines coming back alive, fun decor in the stores for halloween and thanksgiving and Christmas, and the warmth of fall colors. And, of course, a pumpkin spiced latte is a nice treat once or twice – but I digress. Above all else, though, fall brings trees engaging in self care: their leaves change color and shed, to promote their growth.

Humans have a lot to learn from trees. Trees know letting go is imperative to survival and growth. They know when what they’ve held on to has served its purpose. They understand that if the hold on to it too long, it will impede their growth. They know holding all that weight isn’t good for them. So they let their leaves shed to make room for new growth and increased strength.

Letting go is really hard. Even when our past no longer serves us, it’s what we know – it’s comfortable. But there can be greater comfort after letting go. And letting go isn’t about forgetting just as forgiveness isn’t about condoning. It’s about saying thank you (for comforting me, for protecting me, for teaching me) but recognizing it isn’t serving well any more. Giving ourselves permission to let go is giving yourself the gift of growth through a spirit of compassion, gratitude, strength, and resiliency.

Are your leaves asking to change color? What do you need to let go today? Where can you embrace better the concept of letting go? What is no longer serving you?

If you’re looking for someone to join your journey and give aid in letting go, I’d be honored to help. Give me a hollar at http://www.matt-trietsch.com.

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