Acceptance and patience

pumpkin the cat

My partner and I did it again – we adopted another furkid. I’ve been fascinated watching Pumpkin, our new orange and white kitty, observe, test, learn, assimilate, and assert herself in our tiny home which now includes two dogs, two cats, a tarantula, and two fish tanks.

I’ve been more fascinated, however, watching our eldest dog, Sweetie, do anything and everything she can to bond with Pumpkin. Sweetie has been relentless in her pursuit and wants love NOW! However, after lots of hissing and swatting and frightening encounters with the new little kitten, Sweetie is learning to accept and stand down. I think Sweetie has learned to be a little patient and not push things so much. She’s realized the bonding ball is in Pumpkin’s court.

Humans can learn so much from the animals we share our world. They have incredible resilience, boundless love, and an incredible ability to just chill out and wait for things to unfold – aka patience. They have their moments of impatience for sure, but not nearly as much as I believe we humans do!

The important concept of patience is paramount to therapy and healing. When we focus so much on getting rid of the unwanted and stay so headstrong on moving quickly past the hurt, it inevitably takes longer and we hurt more. Humans must learn a lesson: to be patient and embrace our felt experience. To heal we must ironically move within our experience, heavily lean into our feelings, understand our circumstances, own the challenges, and accept what is (note: this does not mean condone). In patiently leaning in and being with all that is haunting us, that’s when we can most quickly heal.

What are you holding on to that you so desperately want to move past? How is impatience impeding your ability to heal? Are you ready to embark on a journey with a trusted soul to feel more at ease? Schedule a free consultation with me and let’s talk about working together.

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