Storytelling and justice

I’ve never been all that involved in politics. Quite frankly, I have a twisted relationship with it. Whenever I do have an inkling to get involved, I tend to freeze up and think “my involvement won’t make a difference.” However, I have absolutely no proof to say it won’t help. That thought is merely a story I tell myself that gives me permission to stand down and stick my head into the sand.

What I learned in obtaining my master’s degree though was how important it is to take a stand for social justice. Counselors must advocate and confront oppressive systems, especially when they negatively impact a marginalized community. Here in Texas, LGBTQIA+ rights are under one hell of an attack. And bills targeting my LGBTQIA+ brothers and sisters and non-binary folx are being signed into law during pride month.

Specifically, Texas is now one of 17 other states restricting transgender minors from accessing puberty blockers and hormone therapies. As a counselor to individuals who are contemplating transition, are transitioning, or have transitioned I see how damaging just the rhetoric of this bill is on our trans community, much less the restrictions it puts into place. My heart aches for what this community was facing already and how it affects their mental health. And now, it aches deeper. Providing necessary healthcare to those who identify as trans does not take away healthcare from others. The rights of the majority are not diminished by providing rights to the minority. Gender is the most private of matters so let it be private. When we stick our noses in other people’s private matters, especially in this way, the result is often traumatic and deep.

Additionally, our drag community is under attack. Legislation aimed at drag queen’s props and costumes and calling drag inherently sexual regardless of the content or audience is a travesty. Drag is entertainment. It is art. It is community and family. It is creative expression by talented artists and members of the human community. It is being wrongly mischaracterized by others. If you don’t want to watch a drag performance, then don’t go. I don’t want to listen to heavy metal music. So, you know what? I don’t go to the concerts.

So I may not be all that involved in politics outside of campaign contributions etc. but I can let my voice be heard hear for those who see it. The rhetoric of hate against the LGBTQIA+ community in legislation, behind the church pulpit, and even in comments on Facebook ads like mine must stop. It is damaging to fellow human kind. And this, my friends, is why we must celebrate pride. We must love ourselves and how we’ve been beautifully made and not let words and acts of hate push us back into the closet.

Are you feeling distress with all that is going on to silence the LGBTQIA+ community? If so, or if you’re needing help navigating any other aspect in life, I invite you to reach out and see if I might be a good fit on your journey to live easier. Click below and let’s talk.

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