The power of fear

Fear is a bitch. It is like a clear barrier of puzzle pieces that stands in our way. It is extremely powerful and often prevents us from experiencing amazing aspects life has to offer. Fear comes from many places: the environment in which we were raised, the interactions with other people we had growing up such as classmates and teachers, the faith communities / religious orders that taught us their version of right and wrong, the people we work with, the people who wouldn’t hire us, the people we dated, the people who said they didn’t want us, the medical providers who rejected us because our gender doesn’t match our sex assigned at birth, and so forth. For some, fear makes us retreat, go inward, into our shell (our head). For others, fear makes us assertive – even aggressive at times – fighting back against the injustice we feel has threatened our core self. Fear is a bitch, a powerful damn bitch. But so is living in a new truth. Truth is much much more powerful.

When we get stuck in what has happened (or the stories we tell ourselves about what has happened), we give fear too much of a stronghold on our present and it bleeds into our future. We have to learn how to move into and welcome a new story by simply recognizing the past for what it is – the past, and a lesson; it’s not a sentence to live with for the rest of our lives. Moving past fear, though, is extremely difficult. It takes patience, understanding, grace, love, and time.

What’s the fear you hold that’s holding you back? I can help you navigate that old story and write a new one. I’d love to join your journey.

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