I’m one who likes to believe in signs. It’s a nice feeling when the universe seems to be signaling confirmation or throwing up a red caution flag. However, sadly, there are often times I don’t see signs when they appear. Sometimes I may not see them on my own for a long time and sometimes I don’t ever get a clue until someone else points it out.

This past weekend my partner and I went on our first trip together – a little excursion to Port Aransas and Corpus with my pups. Throughout the weekend he and I were bombarded with sign after sign after sign confirming, to us, that we were to be there and all was right in the world. Interestingly (but not surprising to me in retrospect) he saw many signs that I didn’t. Some he pointed out to me (like this hummingbird mural that was right in front of my face and I had no idea) and others he waited to see when I’d see them. It was a powerful experience for our relationship.

Thinking back, I wonder why I didn’t see some of the signs as soon as he did like the hummingbird, my favorite bird. Because of the work I’ve done with my own therapist, I know why. My own shit got in the way. Being our first trip together, I got overly into my head and wasn’t fully present with him and us at times. That’s hard to recognize and to own, but it was my truth. And when I acknowledged it to him, it was a special moment of connection and vulnerability.

So here’s my question for you. Do you recognize when your shit gets in the way of experiencing the present moment and seeing signs? Where do you get stuck? Why? What is it in your past that has such a deep hold of you that it pulls you back, maybe firing up deep seeded insecurities? If you’re not sure and want to explore, reach out and let’s talk. Let’s figure out what’s holding you back from seeing the signs and being in the now so you don’t miss out on the amazing here and the wonderful to come.

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