Strength vs Fear

Fear is a bitch, y’all. How’s that for some therapeutic psychobabble? I mean seriously, fear sucks – it sucks the life out of us. Fear stops us in our tracks. It is so powerful it can nearly erase our memory of the incredible things we’ve tackled and risen above. Fear takes hold, strives to keep us down, and tries to stop our progress forward into a new story line for life. Sadly, it often succeeds – until someone, or something, reminds us that fear lives in the past. It is all based on what has happenedhurtful things. When we acknowledge the fear we have, what it feels like, where it comes from, and appreciate the purpose it’s played (which is to generally, if not always, simply keep ourself safe from more hurt while we simultaneously experience insecurity), we can chose to say “thank you; that’s enough.”

When we do this, we give ourselves the energy to write a next storyline for ourselves. It’s one where we open up space in our soul to embrace what fear has been covering up and hiding from us: strength. With strength we can take tiny steps to let our guard down and be vulnerablewhile feeling safe and secure.

Where is your fear? How about your strength? What’s blocking you traversing from one to the other? I can help you find out. I can help you tell fear “thanks, but that’s enough” and write your next story.

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