The season of hmm…

What’s on your mind this holiday season? It’s our first in quite some time that feels relatively normal. Maybe you’re traveling on a much overdue vacation to let loose and feeling free after being cooped up for the past few years. Maybe you’re traveling to see loved ones, testing out the remaining strength in your holiday eating pants with the stretchy waist. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, fully reminded of why you don’t want to see your family or other loved ones. Maybe you’re missing loved ones who have died or left you unexpectedly and your holiday norms have been ultra disturbed leaving you like a fish flopping on the shore. Maybe you are having big questions of life, wondering if what you are doing in your career or relationships really work for you.

Whatever is making you go hmm this holiday season, don’t forget to give yourself grace and welcome all the feels. Take some quiet time to be still, or have a little stupid fun – even if it’s just giggling at the plop and wiggle of the cranberry jelly coming out of the can (once it decides it’s ready). If you need someone to join your journey in processing the holidays and all the feels that come up, it would be a pleasure to work with you. Give me a shout.

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