In less than a week I will turn 46 years old. Embracing that makes my head spin a little bit because I still vividly remember the pain and awkwardness of my childhood and adolescence, the struggles of high school and young adulthood, and the adjustment to adulting. But over the course of the past few months, I’ve felt the heaviness of life lift up considerably – and an abundance of joy and confidence flood over me. It’s weird y’all and overwhelming in a way, but it is fan-friggin-tabulous.

No life is easy; everyone fights battles, brushes up with demons, pushes boulders uphill. Some lives, however, are easier than others due to the oppressive impositions of society, government, and belief systems. But joy and confidence, in my experience sharing and listening to others, feel pretty similar across all humans. We smile, laugh, move a little easier, feel a little stronger, cry with relief, and for those who are limber – do a cartwheel or two. It can be odd to feel these things when we may be used to our energy being depleted by pain, stress, struggle, and oppression – and so much more.

I believe these moments of joy and confidence are gifted to us like nectar for hummingbirds. Let us use these opportunities to fill with energy that will get us through the rough spots that inevitably lie ahead but may not be so bad next time.

I’m grateful for this glass hummingbird hanging at my brother and sister-in-laws place in Wimberley, TX. I smile every time I walk past it.

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