Pulled Joy

Dog on leash at Rainbow Ranch Lake Limestone

Rescue dogs have always been a special part of my life. Prior to his unexpected death, Mugsy was my longest lasting companion. The loss I felt when he died many years ago rattled my soul; we had an incredible bond. This dog was loving but my goodness he was determined too. He could pull on a leash like no other. In fact, one time, while camping at Rainbow Ranch on Lake Limestone not far from Waco, TX we went on a morning stroll along the lake shore. It was a beautiful morning, quiet and still. There was a gentle layer of dew on the grass. Then WHAM! Mugsy saw something, I guess, and took off . . . with his collar, leash, and ME in tow. Now, I’m not small chicken – there’s a lot of meat on these bones. It didn’t phase him though, he was on a mission and I – determined not to lose hold of him – held on for dear life. Eventually, Tide got those stains off my shirt and the knee I injured from the twist, fall, and slide healed. But oh, how I laughed and laughed. What an adventure that was. I could have easily let go and not leaned into the pull. But in lieu of laughter, I would have been been beside myself if he had run off and not returned. After all, dogs do what dogs do. How rewarding it was to lean in to the pull, albeit it rattling and painful. Right after his jolting off, he came back to me and licked my face . . . almost saying thanks for coming along on the ride with me, wasn’t that fun! Yes, Mugsy, it was fun. Thanks for the pull; it still brings me joy all these years later.

What pull in life do you need to lean in to? Are you resisting? Why? What might you miss if you don’t go along for the ride?

Listen to your heart and trust the direction you are being pulled. Something inside you already knows what to do.

Spring Washam
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