Living more at ease

Great Sand Dunes National Park

This pandemic is growing old and wearing on our society. People are yearning like no other time in our lifetime, it seems, for just a return of normalcy and balance. It’s challenging to navigate.

I recently did a solo road trip and spent time at Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado. As I approached, I saw the dunes from many miles away. My first thought, I won’t lie, was “I’ve driven all this way to see a big pile of sand. Uh; why?” But as I entered a near desolate park and saw the dunes closer I was pretty mesmerized. They were constantly changing, finding their new sense of normalcy and balance. They reflected to me our society, especially as I started to walk toward them. It was challenging to find my footing in the sand. I then remembered I had help in the car – hiking poles. Although they didn’t make the walking in such deep sand a breeze, their bit of help made it easier. I had something sturdy to hold on to.

Things can get easier when we let go and ask for help. Maybe you need to just vent or maybe you need help navigating a challenging discussion you need to have with a loved one. Maybe you need some encouragement to put yourself first. Whatever it is, seek that help.

Where do you need help in your life today? What can you do for yourself today to live more at ease?

Something changes when I genuinely let go and ask for help. The challenge is maintaining this openness, rather than grasping at solid forms or quick solutions to feel safe.

Rob Preece – “The Solace of Surrender”
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