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Counseling and psychotherapy for Houston, Bryan/College Station, Austin, Huntsville, and all of Texas.

Whatever you’re feeling, whatever it is bringing you here, I’m glad you found me. You’ve taken the first step to living with less distress and more ease. Inviting someone to join your journey to fly easy, breaking out of the chains, is a sacred invitation. I’m honored you’re here.

Matt Trietsch

Hi there, I’m Matt.

You’re going through some stuff huh?  You’re experiencing big emotions, challenging situations, and likely some overwhelm.  Maybe you’re asking yourself “How did I get here?”, “How do I move forward?”, “WTF,” or just simply meeting the truth of “Things aren’t right. They just can’t stay the same; I need change.”  Let’s talk and see how I can help you not only make sense of what’s going on but see things differently, with some new tools, a deeper understanding, and a fresh perspective so you can define and navigate the future you desire. I offer individual, couples, and group therapy for adult persons located in Texas.


  • Life Transitions
  • Grief and Loss, end of life journeys
  • Non-death loss
  • Career counseling
  • Work stress
  • LGBTQIA+, sexual orientation, gender identity
  • Shame
  • Relationship dynamics – platonic and romantic (monogamous, non-monogamous, and polyamorous)
  • Mood disorders, depression, anxiety
  • Adult children of alcoholics, substance use, and chaos
  • Alcohol and substance use disorders, addiction
  • Spirituality, religious trauma
  • YANA – LGBTQIA+ processing groups
  • Therapy and support for therapists and other helping professionals


Working with me you will experience an empathetic, healing, understanding, authentic, and trusting spirit who accepts and celebrates you just exactly where and as who you are. As an added bonus, I’ve got incredible wit, humor, and a spirit of directness that masterfully blends into my sessions. Regardless of your socio-economic status, abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender presentation, gender transition interests, relationship constructs, beliefs, practices, spiritual or religious background, or personal interests I welcome and celebrate all. Whether you’re a lawyer, minister, accountant, sex worker, teacher, convenience store worker, doctor, construction worker, engineer, or fellow counselor, you are welcome here.

No one knows you like you know you; you are the expert in your life. With that knowledge, we will work at a therapeutic and effective pace but the process is rarely linear. I also believe in the irony that to move fast we must go slow and if we try to force quick healing it is rarely effective long-term.  I approach my work from a humanistic orientation based in person-centered and relational therapy.  I find ways to creatively weave in therapeutically appropriate tools including cognitive behavioral therapy, emotionally focused, motivational interviewing, narrative, gestalt, mindfulness, existential, psychoanalysis, psychodynamic, and psychoeducation (all with minimal psychobabble) to advance our work and ease your journey. Ultimately, my job is to be out of a job and see you equip you to navigate life solo.


I offer in-person services in Houston, Texas near Memorial Park. Video sessions are available to anyone located in Texas. I see clients Tuesdays through Fridays but only by appointment.


I do not take insurance or employee assistance programs. Clients must pay me directly at or before session via major credit cards, debit cards, flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts.

  • Initial consultation, no charge (video) schedule now
  • Individual sessions, 50 minutes, $150 (in-person, video)
  • Relationship sessions (platonic, romantic, familial), 75 minutes, $175 (in-person)
  • Group sessions, 90 minutes, $50 (in-person, video)
  • Sliding scale: I offer reduced rates to a limited number of clients. Please let me know if financial limitations outside of your control impact your ability to secure quality mental health care.


Matt Trietsch in home office

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (#81905) through the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors and am a National Certified Counselor. Further, I have a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Seminary of the Southwest and a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communication and Sociology from Texas State University. For two decades prior to becoming a counselor, I worked in human resources and executive management in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more.


Choosing a counselor is a very important decision, one not to take lightly. The work you are embarking has numerous costs – time, money, and energy.  All I want is for you to find the right counselor – which may nor may not be me.  When making your selection, choose one who is not just qualified but one you can connect with.  Invite to your journey the one who you can be authentically you in session, keeping no secrets, holding nothing back.  In finding the right match, you’ll find the work feels a bit more natural, a lot more meaningful, much easier, and incredibly beneficial.  

In the spirit of authenticity, I want you to know a little about me. You might learn more about me in session (ok, you likely will) but here’s a start:

I’m a laid back normal ole dog dad who identifies as a white, middle-class, middle-aged, gay and queer, cis-gender male. I’ve got two rescue pups who you might see in our virtual sessions at times, Buddy who is a Pembroke Corgi Jack Russell terrier mix and sweetie who is some kind of a terrier mutt. Sweetie snores like a freight train and during virtual sessions is often on the office next to me. Buddy is more likely than not living a very gutsy life sleeping or playing with a ball at my feet, inches away from my rolling office chair. He’s a brave soul.

I was born in the mid 1970’s near Dallas but grew up a panhandle boy in Amarillo. My parents divorced when I was 10 and my dad was an alcoholic and prescription drug addict who found sobriety late in life.  Both my parents died due at early ages due to smoking related illnesses – mom at 72 and dad at 68.  

After high school graduation, I began my undergraduate studies in Abilene at McMurry University. Within a couple of years there, I realized I was gay and then moved to Austin at the urging of my only sybling, a brother, who was attending UT.  He wanted me to be in a more gay friendly environment – much appreciated.  (Ironic side note, he was a cheerleader at UT but I’m the gay one.) I transferred school to Texas State University where I graduated with my bachelors and then began my HR career that spanned 20 years living. Adulthood since has volleyed between Austin and Houston for personal and professional growth. Currently, the pups and I live in Houston. 

After my mom died, I experienced quite a bit of existential angst which led me eventually to acknowledging severe burn out as a HR professional.  A counseling client myself throughout my life, I leaned on my counselor for assistance in determining what my next was in life.  She, along with many others in my life, felt I would be well suited as a counselor myself so after much research and discernment I retired from HR and went in to graduate school.  I’m not a risk taker but this change was the Best. Thing. Ever.  

When not working with clients or brushing up my professional skills, I flip the switch off and enjoy solitude with my pups at home and traveling as well as time with friends and family. I love going to concerts both big and small, comedy shows, binge watching tv-series and movies, reading, pretending to be a photographer, meditating, exploring the arts, exercising and taking care of my health (physical, spiritual, and mental), indulging in good food, and traveling – in and out of my RV, which is also my full-time home. Yep, the dogs and I live the tiny home life in a 5th wheel trailer and we love it! I also find power in steadying myself in a dynamic and ever-evolving blend of western and eastern spiritual beliefs even though I was raised with a progressive Christian faith.

If you think I might be right for your journey, click below and book a time for us to talk.

If you or someone you know is having a mental health emergency or is experiencing a crisis, please text 988 or call 988 to reach the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. LGBTQIA+ community members may feel more comfortable contacting the Trevor Project LifeLine at 1-866-488-7386 or text 678678. If your life or someone else’s life is in immediate danger call or text 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.